Craniosacral Therapy is a body work modality that begins at the base layer of the physical body and offers relief and healing from many everyday maladies. The Craniosacral system is made up of the bones of the head, spinal cord and sacrum (which is the flat bone at the base of the spine). The bones, muscles and tissues of the body hold stress and restriction and can become compressed and unbalanced. A Craniosacral Therapist is trained to feel with the hands the motion of the Craniosacral system as a unified, integrated movement. The gentlest of approaches is often more powerful than the most robust. With light, gentle touch to the head, spinal column, or sacrum the Craniosacral Therapist tunes in to the cerebrospinal fluid which is produced and absorbed by the body on a regular rhythmic basis.  Imbalances in the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid can lead to imbalances in the body.  Inside the cranium or head, there is a membrane called the dura mater.  This dura mater adheres to the bone.  Beneath the dura mater, before the next layer of membrane, there is cerebrospinal fluid.  Also, the bone of the vertebra, which is located in the spine, has a layer of membrane within the vertebra followed by the cerebrospinal fluid before the next layer of membrane. The gentle touch and non-invasive techniques offered by the Craniosacral Therapist to the body leads to release of restrictions to the cranium and other areas of the body and helps the body go back into its natural state of balance.  When there is synchronous movement in the Craniosacral system, the physiology of the nervous system functions more efficiently and the nerve tissues are, in general, healthier.  The non-intrusive nature of Craniosacral Therapy and how it works with the entire structure, physiology and mind of the body makes it an excellent choice for adults and children.

Conditions Craniosacral Therapy can help to relieve:

Stress and the “busy” mind 
Sinus and allergy 
Headaches and migraines
Memory problems
TMJ and tooth pain
Ear infection
Imbalances in the nervous system


Craniosacral Therapy can be very beneficial for children and adults with ADD or ADHD. Craniosacral Therapy helps to rebalance the rhythm of the body and organize the activity of the mind thereby allowing an improved, more balanced landscape for the individual to operate from. The energetic aspect of Craniosacral Therapy also plays a part in creating a new, improved, more balanced mind/body environment.

What to expect in a session 

Wear comfortable clothing, such as cotton or a sweat suit, when receiving a craniosacral session. Sessions last approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. The person will rest comfortably face up on padded treatment table with eyes closed and will remain fully clothed. Soothing music and a peaceful, relaxing environment is offered during the session. The treatments are painless and the craniosacral therapist uses only gentle touch. 

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