Sonnets of the Channel by Beth Pizzotti


The oneness of Spirit came up through my soul
Through each breath of morning it entered the whole
Beyond me, Beside me, eternity lay
The Great Mystery speaking in riddled display
"Seek ye The Kingdom. The Kingdom is here.
Whatsoever thou chooseth will manifest there.
For earth is a school for all to partake.
Whether conscious or not the soul emanates
all the darkness and light whilst humane we bring.
So stay awake my dear soul through Source shall you sing..!!"


Rise up unto me I see
Eternally sky, earth, moon, stars
Rise up and show me the way
Wholeness. Grace. Perseverance. Strength.
Do we really know?
Can we meet the challenge, face the foe?
Light all around
Forever, Forever
Peace be unto you.....

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