Definition of Spirit

Spirit is a universal term and represents the beliefs which all of us hold in relation to a power that supports us in our earthly life sustaining and contributing to comfort, joy, healing, guidance, faith and trust together with our human condition.

Energy Clearing Session

From time to time the energy body requires a clearing. Stress, inorganic foods and elements and maladies and traumas of life, can build up in the physical body. The physical body houses the entirety of our daily life experience through the physical aspect, the emotional aspect and the spiritual aspect of our being. Therefore, our physical body “houses” all of the total manifestation of our thoughts and actions. The body is the temple unto the soul and the Spirit that lives within each and every one of us. The physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of self are offered a clearing or a “cleaning of house” so to speak. A sacred, safe, spiritual place is created through the union of trust of the souls of the receiver, myself and the true, pure,  healing energies available to all of us through Spirit. The sacred triangle of healing comprised of your soul, the facilitation of my gifts in connection to Spirit, and your beliefs of Spirit allow a clearing to occur as I lay my hands on the body of the receiver. Unwanted lower vibrational energies such as stress, frustration, sadness, anger, confusion, energies related to trauma, old behavior patterns and slow or no spiritual growth, will move out of the body as the receiver chooses to release at the soul level. The healing energies of Spirit, such as love and light, then infiltrate the receivers physical, emotional and Spiritual body.

Interdimensional Healing Session

Our soul is a powerful ally to the human experience.. Many times undesirable behavior patterns and dynamics that often times play out in our lives and which we try to alleviate have their core in another dimension(or lifetime) thereby making it difficult to fully clear the pattern or shift the behavior or situation through everyday experience and desire. Through interdimensional healing, I take you on a journey to the origin where the pattern or situation began. This journey may manifest as a guided experience through soul connection between our souls and convergence with Spirit or a visionary experience or a feeling of knowing/remembering may occur for the receiver. This healing occurs “between the dimensions” in which the soul lives and has lived. By going into the dimension of origin, the session can occur and healing work can be done in a dualistic fashion with the core energy of the underscored behavior pattern or situation at its origins as well as the manifestation of it in the current lifetime. A clearing and lifting from the energy matrix of your souls being in which the undesirable behavior pattern or dynamic existed at its core is completed. 

After the session is over, exercises are given to support the self-empowerment of this new reality within your daily life and current energy matrix.

Listed below are some examples of earthly manifestations of realities which may have an interdimensional core:

Fear based behavior patterns
Feelings of self-defeatism
Lack of confidence 
Feelings of powerlessness
Feelings of separateness
Inability to get along with others or being critical of oneself.
Tooth pain
Throat maladies
Joint pain
Jaw pain
Muscle aches and pains

Automatic Writing Session

Beth will raise into an expanded trance state and become an open channel. Then, with permission and intention she allows guidance from higher realms sourced through Spirit, by enlightened energies, to write out a message which offers an expanded, nonjudgmental overview in response to questions asked by the client. The client will receive a copy of the written response for their reference and reflection. An automatic writing session can be done in person or over the telephone.

Transchanneling Session

This is a communication between the world of spirit and the physical world. It is guidance given from higher realms sourced through Spirit, by enlightened energies, whom you may know as guides or teachers. The guidance comes through Beth who has become an open channel able to set aside the conscious self and allow the higher information to come through her physical form by means of speaking. It is similar to having a conversation with a trusted friend. The participants here being yourself and the enlightened energy that your soul has called forth through Spirit as accessed by Beth. The message is intended in the moment for the person for whom the session is being offered. The information is pure, without judgment. A transchanneling session can be done in person or over the telephone.

Energy clearing session through distance

Much healing can occur within the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body. These three aspects of ourselves are contained within the energy body. Distance healing is a process in which two souls transcend the physical level of existence and connect primarily at the energetic level or at the energy body. The need for the client to be physically present is unnecessary. It is in this expanded and relaxed or meditative/trance state that the soul of the therapist ascends to meet the soul of the client. Healing energies are offered to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client as needed through the channels of trust created by the joining of the souls of the client and therapist through Spirit. This is very sacred and powerful work that can produce profound results. The client may experience an overall feeling of relaxation during the session as well as visions and physical releases. The soul of the client and therapist may even travel to other dimensions to offer healing at the place of origin. By working in this elevated, sacred way, the client is open to receiving healing in the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of self. Therefore, a very physical healing can occur even though it may be thought that distance work is not particularly physical at all. Please allow 1 hour and 45 minutes for a session of this type as the session will begin with a short phone conversation between the client and therapist. The client and therapist will then hang up the phone and the session will continue with an hour in a relaxed or meditative state between the client and therapist in which the above listed will occur. The session will end with the client and therapist sharing their experience of the session in a phone conversation. 

Healing through the Feminine Divine - Mary Mother of God

Through the energies of the Feminine Divinity of Mary Mother of God, Beth surrenders her conscious self and allows the healing energies of Mary Mother of God to fill her body thereby allowing her vessel to become a bridge between the healing energies of Feminine Divinity and the receiver's soul.  Beth then lays her hands on the  receiver's body and becomes a pure channel of the energy.  This is  a very sacred, pure, profound experience for the receiver and the giver alike.  

Descriptions of Energy Sessions Offered